Ositrade is an online marketplace for professional users. Permissioned access with payment of a subscription plus a per m-tonne transaction fee charged to the buyer.

From farmers to industrials, collectors and traders to exporters, anonymized orders (ask) and offers (bids) gives market depth in time and geographies of any Ag-commodity.

Standard qualities can be adjusted to specific lots, Organic or conventional and MATIF premium type contracting as well.

By securely connecting all links of a supply chain without a trusted third party, Ositrade redistributes added value and responsibilities to the players and simplifies admin processes.

Blockchain garanties ask & bids are binding, and secures transaction terms as soon as they are booked. They can be downloaded and printed with a few clicks.

Contracts terms are the “contrats de Paris” a standard among professionals that can be adjusted on demand, and immutable connections of deliveries documents create the expected traceability.


For who ?

Ositrade is open to professional operators of the extended grain supply chain. Services providers will be added. Registered companies are logged on the App – not the individuals.







Because each trade is securely recorded on the blockchain, the system can liquidate any chained contrat automatically. It identifies the lowest price and informs each party of the price difference to be invoiced according to the Incograin rule.

A special organic market is included in the App using the same rules.

Each trade is notified to you and contract terms can be exported or printed.

How ?

Ositrade validates each application for registration on the plateform and grants access.

Operators create their ask and bids, look up the market with filters to help them, accept or negotiate propositions – with a chat box, receive notifications.

Counterparts can connect immutably documents requested for the excecution, that provides traceability.

Ositrade APP


Ositrade will improve and enhance the App periodically. More product lines, complete services packages and functionalities developed with partners like surveyors, logistics, banks and insurances, for a constant improvement and automation of admin tasks and cost reduction.

UX will be kept at the center of the design thinking to best answer customers and users expectations.


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New product lines


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