Blockchain is a technology that administers a distributed and partitioned ledger in the Cloud.
A transaction – any asset transfer, is securely and immutably registered with advanced cryptographic and horodating technologies on to several nodes of a network controlled anonymously by players having a common interest in the transactions, but not necessarily trusting each other.

Public (open to all) or permissioned (open to a consortium, in charge of the governance) the blockchain is run by a consensus setting the rules and a algorithm for the validation (4 main families that work different ways).

Immutable records for each action allow the use of “smart contract”, that are conditional decision-making algorithm. This make task automation secure and auditable and transparent, saving a lot of admin cost, thus the power of the technology.

Ositrade solution

Blockchain solution is Hyperledger  from the Linux foundation, in its IBM Fabric version. It does not use cryptocurrency, keeps energy cost and environmental impact under control and is fully scalable. Data processing and storage is at highest standard on IBM-Cloud®

Nowadays Hyperledger is the technology adopted by many large corporation in the industry, banking, transportation and distribution sectors.

Ositrade is a cloud on-line App in SAAS mode, based on state of the art open-source software. The blockchain system and all access are developed with a highly reputable IT corporation (IBM) on Hyperledger from Linux foundation.

Ositrade APP