30 October 2018

Castle Malting


« With Ositrade, we will be able to find more easily guaranteed and traced Organic barley we need and satisfy growing demand from craft breweries. »

30 October 2018

The Swaen


« With Ositrade I can pick the right barley lots to respond to my customers brewers demand of fully traced volumes. I can offer the same service level for malt and admin saving are real. »

30 October 2018

Remi Chevalier

« When I was a malster, I dreamed of a 95% germination rate in 3 days. With Ositrade, I can help other getting to it. »

30 October 2018

Thierry E

Organic product maker

« Ositrade is the very first market place for certified and traced AB lots. It’s a significant improvement in our environment and any production can find easily its buyer with transparent prices. This visibility contributes to stabilise price levels and encourages virtuous behavior. »

30 October 2018

Cindy L

Cattle raiser

« With Ositrade I can buy protein meal and cereals on regional markets and respect legislation. included traceability is a plus making real savings. »

30 October 2018

Paul G

Industry Buyer

« With Ositrade, I can buy oil seeds and sell meal with a more efficient supply chain. Moreover we will be able to create a “delivered plant” hedging market where define lots can be sold & purchased, even with specific qualities. »

30 October 2018

Robin A


« With Ositrade I can hedge my position wheat-Rouen with physical lots. The App is easy to use, cheap and efficient, particularly when contracts are chained. Liquidation is super fast, accurate and time saving. No more need for long notification process, and the system tells me what minimum price is securely. »

30 October 2018

Sarah M

Farmer & local trader

« As a farmer, I use Ositrade to focus on local markets. And I sharel the service with my fellow farmers in the neighborhood. Simple, efficient, accurate. »

30 October 2018

Antoine P


« Secure simple liquidation process for chained contracts thanks to the Blockchain makes it possible to arbitrage my position on the physical market with limited risk of execution and significant savings in time and processing of the liquidation. »

30 October 2018

Marc H

Collector trader

« Ositrade is the first initiative that will give us a true real view of market values at any time on one single page. Market depth in time and geography contribute to get the best price each time. »

30 October 2018

Nicolas P

Highly diversified farmers.

« With Ositrade I will expand significantly commerce opportunities and find outlet for my Quinoa or my Buckwheat and lentils. Contracting is fast and simple, traceability real and all this has a positive impact on my gross margins. »

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