App Ositrade

1. Front page


The first access one needs to register as operator, the company is identified, very few personal data is used.

once authorised by Ositrade, logging is as usual.


2. Registration page


Registration is in 2 steps:

firstly operator and company details are recorded and Ositrade check.

NB Keep identification mail and password securely.

Once access is granted, a second page helps define the default profile.

On the profile page you can also blacklist (exclude) counterparts you don’t want to trade with at all.

Farmers must identify themself specifically.

One can choose to trade with them or exclude them.


3. Cockpit page

This page will summarize your and market activity, price levels and majors statistics.

New functions will be develop as data volume grows.


4. Portfolio

Here, User can manage, create, edit, draft his contracts portfolio, select and screen all with appropriate filters.

“Contrats de Paris”, Incograins and addenda is the base of each contract. Specs can be adjusted to make a specific contract.

NB: posting a bid or ask is recorded on the blockchain and make it final and binding.


5. Market place

With a similar layout as Portfolio, this page shows all available commercial propositions. filters allow to select the product of interest and action buttons are here to book a business, negotiate, copy etc.

Proposal remain anonymous.

When one accept a trade, the business is booked and signed, recorded on the blockchain and binding. The contract is subtracted from the market and sent to your portfolio.

You remain in control of your proposal with the red button to take them off the market, and can recall all of them with the stop red button at the top of the page.

Many more function would be detailed through specific training as you whish.